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    Luxurious fresh linen

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    My ultimate luxury would be to have someone else (not me) make my bed with fresh linen.... Every Single Day. That would be a wish of mine, should I win the lottery...to have clean, crisp, white sheets each day and never have to do this tiresome task myself. I just adore diving into fresh crisp linen sheets. Is there anything nicer? I mean don't get me wrong, I change my bed linen very regularly...but I'm for ever making beds, changing duvets, dealing with the laundry mountain and let's not forget the ironing Himalaya. This all sort-of comes with the territory of running a fabulous boutique B&B... But to have someone else magic this task for me...that's my idea of bliss. To have someone do that for me, and every single day, would be my idea of absolute heaven. Really, I'm quite happy to wrestle with duvet covers in all our beautiful guest rooms, but I find changing my own such a real chore. Because, basically when I've changed four beds, can I really be bothered to do one more? Really? Must I? So, if I won the lottery...which is highly unlikely, as I don't actually do the lottery...my ultimate luxury would be to have freshly laundered sheets every single day. I mean, it's not much to ask for, is it? A magic fairy to do this daily task. So, just daily, clean, crisp, white, 300 thread count Egyptian cotton please. Oh, and an indoor swimming pool. That'd be nice too. Really, I'm not asking for much else. Oh and someone to clean the pool please. That's it really. I'd be happy with that.🤣 What would be your ultimate luxury? Do tell....

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