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    I can resist anything, except temptation and flapjacks.

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    I can resist most things in the kitchen, but flapjack gets me every single time. I love it. However it's so fattening and full of calories. But it's soooooo good.

    And this is my cranberry, white chocolate and hazelnut flapjack - precision cut and full of sinful loveliness.

    I used to think flapjack was in some small way "healthy". Well, after all, it has oats in it, nuts, honey....I mean, the dried fruit could be one of my five-a-day [at a push]. Maybe?

    Er, Nope. There is nothing remotely healthy about this deliciously decadent, scrumptious flapjack, which is probably why it tastes so utterly delectable. But it's not really an afternoon tea thing, is it? I tend to think of flapjack as something a bit more homely and a bit more casual...to be served with a mug of coffee or tea [a bone china mug, of course] ...sitting in the kitchen with friends. To me, flapjack is not a posh, delicate vintage afternoon tea treat. Cut me a huge slab of the yummy stuff... But I could be wrong.

    Either way, I shall be making me delicious cranberry, white chocolate and hazelnut flapjack today and TRYING not to eat any of the yummy stuff myself. Wish me luck!

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