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    Cheese on toast - is there anything nicer?

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    Is there anything nicer than cheese on toast?

    I have always loved the taste and texture and utter convenience of delicious cheese on toast. However I haven’t had it for years. Mainly because Kelsey decided, at the tender age of only five, that she didn’t like it. So cheese on toast never really featured much in our house.

    However, a few months ago I made some lovely cheese on toast for my lovely daughter and she totally adored it. And [never start a sentence with the word ‘and’] And, I’d forgotten how much I love cheese on toast too. Now, for me, the toast has to be crisp – not soggy- well, not soggy at the start. I do like a bit of sourdough toast, and I can be quite partial to some ciabatta toast, but these two breads can hurt when toasted, so good, traditional, sliced white or sliced brown will do just fine if that’s all there is in the house. I must put butter on my toasted toast. I know, I know, I know I don’t need butter. No-one actually NEEDS butter, but I may as well be hung for a sheep as hung for a lamb with my calorific snack, so a light scrape of real butter will just enhance the whole taste experience.

    The cheese? Well, for me, it has to be a really strong cheddar. Really strong. Offensively strong. And maybe with a bit of Red Leicester too, but just for a change in colour. I really cannot be bothered to grate the cheese, and I will thinly cut it…or NOT SO thinly cut it. Then pop it under the grill, on a lined baking tray – to avoid any unnecessary washing-up, which would spoil my cheese-on-toast experience. And leave it there until it’s just melted and bubbling.

    Yesterday I was chatting to Jackie Pidcock, from JP Painting and Decorating [as she is doing a magnificent job of painting Margaret’s Cottage] and we were discussing the merits and the drawbacks of adding condiments to one’s cheese-on-toast. Tomato sauce? mustard? Marmite? Not for me. I like my cheese-on-toast straight up. However I would maybe consider adding a thin scraping of delicious homemade caramelised onion chutney, between the toast and the cheese…but I’ve never done that before. I’ll report back on that one. And, I will admit, I simply adore cheese-on-toast around midnight. Somehow cheese-on-toast just tastes better after dark…and I cannot explain why. It just does.

    So, my question is this…? Is there anything better than cheese of toast? What exactly is better on toast, if anything is better on toast [than cheese] ? Please let me know….I promise won’t judge! Have a fabulous Friday. Oooh it's Friday, how did that happen? x

    Tuesday June 20th, 2023

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